Monday, September 10, 2018
By Amber Hotaling


Syracuse, NY....Home of the State Fair. College Town. Snow capital of the country. Let's not talk about snow (just yet). Syracuse is a mid-sized city, and the ninth largest in New York State. With approximately 73 neighborhoods, the City of Syracuse has plenty to offer a range of incomes and tastes. Most of the city's housing was constructed prior to World War II, which also makes it one of the more historic cities in the United States.

Nationally, an increasing number of young professionals are choosing to live in urban areas over suburban communities. Syracuse is no exception. There have been significant investments (publicly and privately) in the downtown, and an increasing number of housing opportunities. If you are considering moving into the city, talk to us! Why do we love Syracuse? Sports, culture, food, diversity, academics... we can go on!

Some stats to consider:

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